A Ragbag of Tales and Verses

A Ragbag of Tales and Verses


Ian Lipke

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Ragbag is just that. Short stories culled from many years of writing in a collection made up of such tales as the first date of a young man, the fanciful courting life of an Australian Aborigine, the sardonic humour of the bushman, a first attraction between two unlikely undercover agents, a super sleuth and a dentist, as well as the nightmare of a mind bent on vengeance and murder.  All of the short stories are meant as ‘escape literature’ – there for you to enjoy.

The poetry is not defined by the parameters of time. The poems are personal responses to the break of dawn in the bush, to solitude, and love, loss and death. Some may bring tears to your eyes, some may even have you raise a chuckle. Most of the poems are told with a quirky humorous twist.

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