A PhD in Me: E = OB2 - The University of Consciousness
A PhD in Me: E = OB2 - The University of Consciousness

A PhD in Me: E = OB2 - The University of Consciousness


Chris Tazreiter

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A PhD in Me is a message and an invitation, both for the human collective and for each individual person experiencing life at this moment on planet Earth.

It uses an old paradigm learning institution, the philosophical doctorate (PhD), and transforms it into a totally new and different learning experience. This experience is one that every consciousness inhabiting a human body came here to have, and one that you are now being invited to embark on. It is your own unique journey, never to be repeated by another being.

Many of our human systems, designed so long ago, are now broken and on a collision course with humanity and the planet that birthed us and supports us. In these modern times, we are searching for the solutions to countless complex problems – some we have created and others we are compelled to solve.

Humanity has traditionally looked to the gifted, the elite, the luminaries, the celebrities and the gurus for the solutions to its problems. However, that process no longer serves us and is part of what is broken. The next expansion of consciousness will emerge from each entity who accepts the invitation to explore inside, to discover the power and the creativity within, that is waiting to be recognised and released.

The message in this short book urges us to grow, expand and evolve individually, without limitations. It is much easier for each of us to change our mind if it is not connected to social consciousness – until the time that consciousness is able to adapt to new beneficial viewpoints.

Now is the time to embark on your own PhD in Me.

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