A Forbidden Wife
A Forbidden Wife

A Forbidden Wife


Jacqueline Drescher

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Heather Rogers is married to Sam, her best friend and the love of her life; they've built a beautiful life together, have two amazing children. She's happy and loving her life for the first time since her parents fatal passing in college. Finally feeling grounded, loved and happy, Heather see's her future is bright; or a least she thought she did...

Then there's Russ, hot and cold, acting strange, stirring feelings deep inside her that he has no right stirring. But she wouldn't dare...not ever. 

Russell Grahams finally met the woman of his dreams, the only one who has ever calmed his heart and soul...only...he's too late, 

Forced to watch her with another man he feels dead inside. 

The other man?...his best friend, a friend who has been there for him since they were just kids. A man Russ considers a brother. 

His heart broken, Russ gives up on ever finding love, instead he turns to partying and trading chicks at the drop of a hat. 

Watching from the sidelines, feeling like he is losing his ever-loving-mind. Russ dreams of Heather becoming his wife...but she's Forbidden. 

Life however is ever changing: we only think we have control.

What happens when you blink and your whole word shifts in a second?

Maybe...You should never say...Never. Fate has a way of twisting and turning things in its favour...or is it just chance?

"Forbidden in the Mind...Wife in the Heart"

Sometimes the only thing anchoring you is the forbidden


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