Old Screw

Old Screw


David 'Emu' Farrell

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David ‘Emu’ Farrell joined the New South Wales prison service in 1974 at age twenty-three. He served for almost forty years, rising through the ranks to senior executive level.

Old Screw tells the story of his experiences working within the harsh New South Wales prison system. It tells of the prisoners he has managed and of the staff he has worked alongside. Sometimes funny and sometimes frightening, David shares the situations he was confronted with and the practices that helped him survive.

Within this book you will find David’s true recollections of both officers and prisoners, all trying to survive behind the walls. A potential powder keg, only needing the smallest spark to set it off.

If you have ever asked: ‘What really happens in gaol?’ then David ‘Emu’ Farrell’s Old Screw will provide you with some answers.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Trevor Shardlow
Customer review

I really don't need to read the events of old as I was there at the time alongside Emu and many others which made up a team of officers dedicated to each other and the protection of society from some of the most dangerous criminals in Austalian history. Good luck with the book Emu, Shadbolt.

Les Wilson
Customer review

Hi David
I too am an ole Bourkite living in Sydney I usually get together with former Bourke old boys like Larry Ryan Vietnam Veteran also Tommy Wakelam but otheres are here too mate.
All the best with your book will order mine.
Les Wilson.

3/94a Pile St
Marrickville NSW 2204

My mobile number:

Heard you on the John Laws Morning Show today

Ian Reid
Customer review

Havn't had a chance to see the book as yet, but I cant wait. Dave Farrell is a guy that everybody looked up to. I had the privilege of working with him on numerous occasions and would love to meet up again. He was a guy who led from the front, and commanded the respect of his fellow workers, but not always the administration. We could do with more Emu Farrell's.

Bob Dyson.
Customer review

I have read Emus book a few items he has written about I was involved in ,I remember Sideways and Bootlace they were on the New Building site when I was in charge of a gang building the then remand centre.A very good competent officer who was subordinant to me and could always be relied upon ,he autographed my copy and paid an extremely humbling complement,We have since been in touch and enjoying our conversations of old times .I resigned in 1983 the rank of Asst Supt sick of working under 3 incompetent fools.

Harry Stephen
Customer review

In my early days in the Department I only heard of this man Emu Farrell, later on he became my boss and I found a very humerous man whom I found a great respect for. All the best with the book Dave, I look forward to reading it and maybe I will find our some of the deeds you performed and would never tell me about.