Turtle Needs Help

Turtle Needs Help


Luise Manning

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A baby turtle emerges from her nest and sets off on her perilous adventure across the beach to reach the ocean. During her journey out to sea, she faces some environmental hazards along the way.

The rhyming couplets ebb and flow in this beautifully illustrated children’s picture book. The story uncovers the dangers and environmental hazards turtle eggs and hatchlings face.

This story travels through the Great Barrier Reef and includes other marine life, such as dugongs, whales, and dolphins. The book explains the dangers of plastic bags and encourages children to pick up their litter, to help our endangered turtles in their fight for survival.

About the author

Luise Manning grew up in Brisbane and lives in Australia. She is married to an environmental scientist and together they have a daughter. Luise began her career as an Early Childhood teacher and has been teaching for over 20 years and has read hundreds of books to school children. Luise is passionate about children’s literature and making books come alive. In 2014 she wrote her first children’s book Hold My Hand to help teach children about driveway and car park safety. In 2015 she wrote a play For Sophie’s Sake about domestic violence and its impact on young families.

Luise was inspired to write Turtle Needs Help to highlight the plight of endangered loggerhead turtles and the environmental hazards they face especially the effects from ingesting plastic bags and helium balloons.

Luise has received a number of awards for projects to raise awareness of issues affecting our society including the St George Bank 2014 Queensland Outstanding Community Achiever Award; 2015 Queensland Child Protection Volunteer of the year; and, in 2017, received an Australia Day Citizen of the Year Award for her city of Ipswich.


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