Just Doug: I'm Just Saying!
Just Doug: I'm Just Saying!

Just Doug: I'm Just Saying!


Doug Michael Rowell

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JUST DOUG traces the life of Doug Rowell from his birth in 1937 to over the eighty-six and a half years later to today. Doug’s grandmother Hilda was born in a small coal town south of Dublin. After migrating to Australia, Hilda and Doug’s parents struggled through two
World Wars, and a Depression to raise a family of six, in total. 

In tracing his life, Doug adopts the mantle of Nostradamus Incarnate, and at times the manifestation of the Pub Test personified. In so-doing, Doug claims the authority to comment on a wide range of social and economic subjects, because they manifested the world in which he lived.

Doug vehemently states that he is basing his story on truth, with the occasional sojourn into melancholy and folly, to keep the story interesting. It is therefore up to the reader to detect which is which. He claims, as an Australian citizen, he was the epitome of a person who struggles to survive and thrive. Doug deals with subjects such as democracy, religion,
domestic violence, defiance, sport, sex and the national debit.

There is something for everyone in this book.
I’m just saying!