The Zookeeper's Quarters
The Zookeeper's Quarters

The Zookeeper's Quarters


Cassandra Fletcher

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Syed Bazrum and his family flee the brutal dictatorship in Iraq for the safety of Australia where he becomes a successful IT specialist. The future looks bright, until he makes a bad investment. Alarmed by his accruing debt, Syed reluctantly accepts an offer from a man he barely knows to transfer millions of dollars in cryptocurrency from Brisbane back to Baghdad.

On the way, Syed is haunted by his past when, as punishment, he was forced to work as zookeeper in Uday’s private zoo. Carrying a fortune on a flash-drive overland through the Middle East to Iraq is risky and, as unconventional as Syed’s self-appointed Brazilian business partner accompanying him. Confronted by mishaps, they use highly unorthodox methods to avoid trouble, unwittingly landing in the centre of an international task force trading digital currency in a sting to trap a treacherous arms dealer. Someone wants the flash drive and they’re prepared to kill for it.


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