The Hope Effect
The Hope Effect

The Hope Effect


Lisa Brai

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Sam - After my wife confessed her most sinful secret to me, before taking her last breath and losing her battle to cancer, I fell into what can only be described as the worst year of my life. Darkness and sadness became my only friends, leaving me with nothing other than lost hope, buried dreams and no will to live. Ending all my pain and grief seemed like the only option. I truly believed my life was over and that hell couldn't possibly be a place worse than this, but then she came along...

Hope - My life has been a series of challenges form the starting line, yet those ups and downs have turned me into the woman I am today. I live each day as if it's my last, and my only goal is to spread as much kindness as possible. I have finally let go of the toxic people around me, and I wear my battle scars like a warrior. There was a time in my life when I couldn't see my true self-worth, allowing one man's cruel words to almost destroy me. I almost gave up on a brighter future; I almost gave up on life, but then he came along...

Discover what happens when these two lost and broken souls cross paths. Will they be destined to live a life of challenges and misery, or will the tables turn, and the stars align, so that they can both get their second chance at life, love and happiness?

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