The Frustrated Ambitions of Jack Funnybone

The Frustrated Ambitions of Jack Funnybone


Antonio De Ionno

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Jack Funnybone: bard of barbs and slick at slogans, is in a state of despair. Ill, compelled to leave work, and longing for love after being forsaken by his girlfriend he has a dream: he wants to be a comedian or copywriter – but is frustrated by his condition and plagued by self-doubt.

Ending in tragedy and interspersed with madcap medical consultations, the main action takes place against the backdrop of a sun-drenched horizon and wondrous music at a beach house on Christmas Day. Jack holds a dinner and mesmerises a lewd, alcohol-infused uncle and a mysterious aunt with his penetrating wit and catchy advertising copy. Impressed, they hatch a plan that could see him achieve his ambitions and find love again; and suggest an alternative therapy that may be the panacea he seeks.

Bathed in a gossamer of eroticism, The Frustrated Ambitions of Jack Funnybone is an uproarious and sententious black comedy of manners that delivers a mocking condemnation of society and a withering broadside on politicians. Exploring how fate and destiny, faith and hope, happenstance and choice shape our lives, it highlights the plight and pathos of those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and the perils of excessive alcohol consumption: shines like a pharos out at sea.

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