The Far Grass
The Far Grass

The Far Grass


John Michell

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The Far Grass is less a traditional Cold War spy fiction novel than it is the life story of a British MI6 spy during the time of the Cold War, a taut psychological study of personality and motivation told in first person by the book’s central character.  

Joe Lambert is an emotionally isolated man, an antihero, on whom deep cynicism is visited.  He progresses from his accidental recruitment into MI6, through to his failures as a lover, resultant career zealotry and, after finding love only for it to be wrenched away, later transformation into an obsessed avenger.  Along the way, Lambert locks in mortal conflict not only with the KGB but also with his own Service, the CIA and ultimately himself.  

Stealthily addictive; thoughtful; sometimes sad, sometimes funny, The Far Grass is a former diplomat’s tale of spying intrigue, a book perfect for those who have known human imperfection, internecine career ambition and the cut and thrust of bureaucratic politics.


About the Author

John Michell is a former Australian diplomat and lawyer.  His first published novel was the acclaimed historical thriller Dublin Zoo.  A full-time writer since 2017, he resides in Brisbane, Australia. 


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