Eventyr: 12 Tales of Love Beyond the Grave

Eventyr: 12 Tales of Love Beyond the Grave


Andrew O'Connell

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‘Eventyr’ is the Danish word for fairy tales. It also means adventure.

Following the success of Eventyr: 12 Unlikely Conversations comes Andrew O'Connell’s second book of the Eventyr series: 12 Tales of Love Beyond the Grave.

Restless souls return for answers, to set things right, to claim the living, or to lend a helping hand.

A bird of ill omen, a ghost phone call, a photo that contains a secret, and a patiently waiting shadow are just some of the ghostly manifestations contained within.

Enter a world where the immaterial is revealed, where ghosts are near, and where the difference between this world and the next is but a matter of perception.

Printed & Published by InHouse Publishing