Gregory A. Cahill

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Orphaned at birth, Charlie Shepherd was moved from foster home to foster home until he was eighteen. The one constant was the strange recurring dream he had experienced throughout his whole life.

In his vivid and unsettling dreams, he was swimming through shadowy freshwater caves, deep beneath the desert in Central Australia. Sometimes the dreams were peaceful, and he would feel at ease while floating through the underwater caves. But mostly Charlie’s dreams were frightening, especially during his childhood, with blurred images of people or ghostly shadows lurking in the water around him.

Though he never knew his parents or where he came from, he always felt there was a deeper meaning to this reoccurring dream – if only he could find a way to uncover it.

An invitation to scuba dive in Central Australia with two university friends is too tempting to ignore. Could Charlie unravel the meanings of his dreams down in the caves and discover his past, and his future?


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andrew Cahill-Lloyd
A cracking read

An enjoyable read that gets you thinking.

Jaap de Jong
Nice book

Although I seldom read science fiction books this book kept me reading and I hope there will be a sequel coming out soon.

Thomas Law
Really good read thanks

I cannot remember reading a science fiction book before but I really enjoyed Dreamweaver by Gregory A Cahill. The book is easy to read, and easy to get engrossed in the story. I may even now check out a few more science fiction/ fantasy books. Thanks Gregory, I enjoyed your book and I wish you every success with Dreamweaver.

Will Charlie get back there?

I enjoyed reading “Dreamweaver” although I am generally not a fan of the science fiction genre.
I found the story easy to follow, at the start sometimes reminiscent of my own childhood nightmares yet evolving into a great adventure. The concept of different dimensions that we are unaware of yet are all around us is fascinating and the book ends leaving me thinking there might be more to come.

Denis Davey
Enjoyable Read

Being a non-fiction reader, reading a Sci-Fi novel is well out of my comfort zone. However, I read "Dreamweaver" over a weekend and was surprised how much I enjoyed this book. For a first time novelist, Greg Cahill can be well pleased with this achievement.