In the Footsteps of Road Runners
In the Footsteps of Road Runners

In the Footsteps of Road Runners


Robert (Bob) J Meehan OAM

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My name is Robert (Bob) J Meehan and in 1969 I was required to register for National Service and then served most of my two years compulsory military service as an Infantryman within 12 Platoon; Delta Company of the 4th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment (4 RAR). During that time I was posted to Townsville and South Vietnam and was discharged in late 1971.

This book in not intended as a long and detailed account of my life in the military; of military units; of battles or a blood and guts excursion into war; but rather like looking through a window of the life and times of the men I am proud to say I served with; within Delta Company 4 RAR. We are affectionately known as the "ROAD RUNNERS"; and this book is about experiencing a period of time that changed our lives forever.

I hope that you enjoy my story and the stories of a great many people for whom I have the greatest respect; admiration and love; those most magnificent people who allow me to call them family.

The ROAD RUNNERS of Delta Company 4 RAR.

Forged in South Australia in 1964
Tempered in the Jungles of Borneo in 1966
Honed in Vietnam in 1968-69
Polished in Vietnam in 1971-72


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