Flowers for Penny
Flowers for Penny

Flowers for Penny


Debbie Brooker

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Penny is a shy girl. She lives in a multi-generational Australian neighbourhood. She doesn't like school and feels different to the other children. Her Mum seeks a solution.

The answer to finding Penny's confidence and allowing her to flourish is in her very neighbourhood. It comes to her in an unexpected way, through a neighbour's kindness and her beautiful gardens of flowers.


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Format: Saddle-stitch
Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm
Pages: 28 pgs

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Maggie Dent - parenting author and educator
Sweet Picture Book!

This is a very sweet picture book, beautifully illustrated in watercolours, which really shows our kids what kindness looks like and how incredibly valuable a safe circle of community is in raising happy, confident and resilient kids. Well done Debbie Brooker!

Farren Humble
A Lovely Story

It truly is such a lovely story Debbie. About daily issues our babes face. school troubles, having courage and unexpected friendship. We love it.

Susan Galletly
Three Cheers for Mrs Jones

A charming book on the gentle wonder and power of supportive relationships.
A powerful read. Wonderful illustrations complement the text delightfully, evoking for all of us, fond memories of our own childhood, our own ‘Mrs Jones’ experiences, and the gentle nurturing we too received.
Three cheers for Mrs Jones!

Cath Bartolo
Delightful Children's story book

‘Flowers for Penny’ is a delightful children’s story book that shares how simple acts of kindness and neighbourly connections can build confidence in children; reduce anxiety and develop life habits of caring about others. The story is very real and is beautifully illustrated.

Ally from Let the Children Play Toyshop
The world I grew up in

Congratulations local author and wonderful lady Debbie Brooker on this delightful book about community and neighbourhood that brought (good)tears to my eyes!

This is the world I grew up in and wish for every child who passes through my doors.