Primed for Vengeance
Primed for Vengeance

Primed for Vengeance


Gill D. Anderson

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Butch is a young man who plans to seek revenge towards those responsible for his suffering and he intends to punish them in the worst possible way.

Butch harbours intense feelings of anger and self-loathing and blames his upbringing for this. Butch is ready to attack and is primed for vengeance. Will he
ever find a way to reconcile his past to make peace with the present?

Sarah is a bright young woman whose sole mission in life is to spread kindness and help others.

Sarah puts her heart and soul into her role managing young people living in state care. Her intentions are good, however out of the blue, her life starts to unravel in the most horrific way. Sarah finds herself in the middle of a terrible dilemma whereby the choices she makes have a much bigger impact on those she cares about than she could ever have imagined.

Jock is a youth worker who brings the light into the darkest days of the young people he works with.

He is a happy go lucky guy who finds himself in an unexpected precarious position. Jock steps up to tackle the most challenging situation he has ever faced and does not waver. But will he succeed in his attempt to talk a troubled youth out of committing yet another heinous crime?

Detective Dylan Mathews is highly disturbed by the poems being received by a young woman named Kate Jones.

As they become increasingly sinister in nature, he and his team work around the clock to catch the writer whom police have nicknamed 'The Riddler'. Dylan reports to Senior Sergeant Robert Gardner who is impossible to please. The personality clash between the two men only hinders the progress of the investigation.

What is behind Gardner's hatred of Dylan? Will police be able to catch 'The Riddler' before it's too late?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews

Primed for Vengeance by Gill D Anderson is a thriller horror that is a quick read and will have you in suspense until the very end.

Anderson goes a great job of keeping you engaged in the story, even though you know exactly where it is headed. There is even a fun twist to keep things interesting.

Some parts were a little harder to follow due to constant character jumping, which did take away from some of the experience. It was difficult to get a sense of some of the characters and settings from this.

Semi Spoilers: I really enjoyed the story. The ending seemed abrupt and anti climactic, which I suppose isn't necessarily a negative but it also seemed jarring after all the emotion throughout the rest of the book. I was hoping to hear more of the villain and didn't get a sense of multi personalities, even though it gets referenced often.

I'm summary, a great quick novel with many characters that has plenty of tension and some twists!

Lori Brown
A real page turner

I could not put this book down and had to keep going back to it so I could get to the bottom of it all.
Gill is obviously someone who knows the care system very well and all its flaws. Amazing storyline!

William Barry
character driven thriller

This book grabs you from the very first page, when you’re dropped into the mind of a sinister man while stalking his victim. Hearing his internal monologue, we realize that he’s deeply disturbed. Who is this guy? And who is his target victim we initially only know as ‘the heartbreaker’? The opening leaves us on edge, anxious about what will happen next.

I expected this story to continue on in linear fashion, but the story takes us back to the situations and events that happened beforehand, so that we can get context for everything.
Gill D Anderson has a real talent for tapping into the emotions of her characters. It’s something that got me invested in all of these characters, and that makes what happens to them weighty and poignant. I felt particularly attached to Sarah and Jock; such great characters to root for!

We also get a window into how the killer ended up the way that he did. I thought the riddles gave the killer a nice extra touch of menace. Some of his kills were brutal, so know that going in. By the time people start getting bumped off, we know them better, and feel the loss.

This was an excellent character driven thriller that amped up to an intense, satisfying conclusion.
I enjoyed the following resolution that the characters got as well. Gill D Anderson has thoroughly impressed me again, and I look forward to checking out more of her books in the future.

Henrietta Gibson
An immersive novel

Primed for Vengeance is a powerful, inventive and immersive novel that will draw you in straight away. Gill certainly knows how to portray a damaged youth (having worked in child protection for many years).

Butch has been damaged due to childhood trauma, but he is not intent on doing any inner healing - rather he prefers to seek revenge on those he thinks have contributed to his miserable life so far.

This is a suspenseful gripping read that will keep you wanting to read 'just one more' chapter. I saw another reviewer using the words moody, tense and atmospheric and I pinched that line because it describes this book perfectly.

Having read all 4 of Gill's books, I am hoping a fifth novel is in the works!

Colin S
primed for vengeance

Another fascinating insight into what goes on in the worlds that most of us are not privy to. Child abuse and violence are prevalent themes but they are not over done. I thought about it long after I closed the book after reading the last page.