Your Ultimate Wellness Business Guide
Your Ultimate Wellness Business Guide

Your Ultimate Wellness Business Guide


Kelly Kingston

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I am a highly spirited woman, who struggled in business not understanding the fundamentals of business.

I was a massage therapist and a skin analysis specialist for a skin doctor, and I was sick and tired of working for other people. So, without really knowing anything about business, I started my own business. But what I didn’t know, was by not setting up the foundations for my business, I created problems that I later became aware of. Cutting a long story short, three years later, I was frustrated, had no direction, and I was procrastinating with things that didn’t support me at all ...

Then, I met my white knight – my soul, life partner – a Chartered Accountant and International Business Strategist. Within three months of being together, I stepped out of my hobby business and together, we started our first business; opening an Accountancy Practise and for four years, Graham taught me everything he knew about business.


This is me today:

Hi, my name is Kelly Kingston. I’m an International, Multi Award Winner for Woman in Business, Global Film Producer, International Author, Global Keynote Speaker, and a Global Business Educator and Strategist.

I guide Wellness Business Solopreneurs to align themselves and their business, to their highest purpose and potential, through my bestselling book and online programs. Transition businesses from 3D to 5D, heart-centred businesses – this is the future of business.

Everything is energy, and when you match the frequency of the reality you want, you can get nothing less. But, to create the reality you want, your personal vibe needs to connect with your business vibe. We can start moving towards this goal by getting all your business ground work completed, to create a solid foundation. Then through the 13 Chakra systems, the 13 Business planning systems, and guided by 13 Meditation Mantras – all housed in this book – we can create the frequency for that reality you want; for your personal and business life.


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