Your Subconscious Bodyguards - The Good News About PTSD

Your Subconscious Bodyguards - The Good News About PTSD



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The Battle Against PTSD Related Suicide

There are 22 veterans a day committing suicide in the US alone. In Australia they have lost more to suicide than have been killed in recent operations. In New Zealand we are just seeing the beginning of what we know is coming ... But there is GOOD NEWS in this book.


Don’t get me wrong, the trauma you went through is real, you may be suffering nightmares, flashbacks, insomnia or you are a werewolf like I was, but these are perfectly normal responses to what you have been through.

Granted, some of your behaviour is creating a negative result in your current environment, but this doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. Quite the opposite in fact.

PTSD signs and symptoms are a result of how EFFECTIVELY you have trained your subconscious bodyguards to keep you alive. This is the GOOD news. This proves training is the answer and you have an advantage because training is YOUR language.

When you understand what I have discovered in this book, you will be able to re-train, re-brief and re-deploy ‘Your Subconscious Bodyguards.’

"For those that are struggling with PTSD both in the military and in the police service, this book gives you an opportunity to listen to somebody who knows your world, has been where you have been, and applies the very skills you already possess to achieve your goals.

Dion has been there, survived it, and found a way through it.

For the professionals and organizations, here are some considerations:

The book does not merely share his own story, but more than that, Dion applies CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques as well as soldier imagery and Jungian warrior archetypes to access more complex and richer emotional material in regards to PTSD.

Dion states very clearly that he is not a clinician, but there is no doubt that his story and his way of overcoming PTSD provides a means for others to find their warrior way to a new life."

Ingo Lambrecht PhD M.A. (Comp. Lit.) M.A. (Clin. Psych.) Wits SA

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