Where Do I Begin
Where Do I Begin

Where Do I Begin


Diane Brewer

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Where Do I Begin
Going Deep Within


Where Do I Begin was born in the earliest years of childhood and was just as quickly forgotten for many more years afterwards. That was until a near-death experience brought with it years of searching for answers.

Where Do I Begin is about a child who celebrated life through the beauty of butterflies, dragonflies, and furry friends; all the while traversing betrayal, lies, and sexual and physical abuses on all levels. Although, not just from others but towards herself as she hid under a blanket of silent tears and a vow of silence, fearful of reprisal if she spoke the words buried deep within her heart. Deeper still were her unbeknown feelings of not being wanted or loved hidden under layers of giggles and happiness. If only she had known it was all a cover-up.


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