When Three's A Crowd

When Three's A Crowd


Trish Harris

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‘The bloody dogs are fighting again! That’s it, one of them has to go!’
Stuart Harris, Trish’s husband

This book is a must-read for any owner of a multi-dog household that is experiencing unrest or fighting amongst their dogs, and for those who may just want to spot the indicators that trouble is brewing in order to negate it before it sparks. This book not only provides information as to why fights are happening, but is packed with proven and useful strategies owners can start implementing with their dogs.

Who doesn’t love owning more than one dog? The enjoyment a multi-dog household can bring is immeasurable, especially when you experience the different quirky personalities each dog has, the bonds that form among them, and the fun times you have when you’re all together.

But what happens if this all changes one day and your pets decide to start fighting with each other? What do you do when the harmonious existence that once was, is no longer? All you seem to be doing is breaking up dog fights and then scratching your head, trying to figure out why this is happening.

Most try to avoid situations where their dogs might get into a fight with each other, although unfortunately many of us aren’t prepared when such an event occurs in the household.

After experiencing severe issues with her own dogs in the past, Trish Harris now consults with a multitude of households experiencing similar situations. From this, her book When Three’s A Crowd was born.

Trish Harris is the owner and head instructor of Four Paws K9 Training, one of Melbourne’s largest privately-owned dog training schools, for the past 16 years. Trish has been training dogs and their owners for the past 20 years. Trish’s interests are problem behaviours in dogs and she regularly works with dog aggression cases. In 2010 she introduced the Growly Grover’s program at her school.

Trish is a lecturer for the National Dog Trainers Federation, Certificate 3 in Dog Training and Behaviour course. She also offers educational seminars and workshops for organisations and various rescue groups on a variety of topics including fear and aggression.


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