When Shepherds Dream

When Shepherds Dream


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An epic tale of one man’s destiny to become Shepherd King ...

Sandhu becomes a shepherd boy along with his companion Shonti in the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains of South West India.

Innocently caught up in a horrific murder scene on the midnight watch, Sandhu escapes the death sentence. Serving life imprisonment, Sandhu’s destiny seems thwarted as he faces death behind bars.

Sandhu is exonerated when the real murderer confesses. He returns home to Shivani after five years’ imprisonment. Profound initiation awaits Sandhu and Shonti—but will Shonti be able to fight his own armageddon of the soul? Death looms large as Sandhu decides to lay down his body and Shonti fights his own demons. Can he release Sandhu, knowing they will be separated forever?

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