True Health
True Health

True Health


Anna Maria Lang

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Do you want to manifest more health into your life? Are you wanting to feel the sense of vitality that you know you deserve?

Inside this book you will find the gift of Angel messages from God to empower you in the area of true health while finding an abundance of vitality. Each passage is designed to invoke your inner visions and inner glow so you can achieve the true health you know you are destined for. Each and every woman on the planet is seeking to embrace their body and image for the way that God has intended it to be while inner health and true health are to be the most important aspects of the way you look and feel. Each and every woman is looking for this gift and it is the gift of God and the blessing to be healthy from the inside out while not worrying about your body shape or size but being in awe of the wonder and glory of who you innately are.

Open this book to a page God has chosen for you to read a passage to invoke true health and an abundance of the vitality you are born and destined for.

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