Third World Warriors ...terrorists talk

Third World Warriors ...terrorists talk


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Third World Warriors ...terrorists talk

This is a true story of the journey one needs to understand Terrorists... More importantly, why we need Third World Warriors.

We all have a right to the truth.

It should never be at the discretion of our governments or leaders to deny us, the people of this planet, the truths such as those Wikileaks founder Julian Assange or Edward Snowden share with us for our benefit. We deserve to know what, why and how the governments that represent us are spending our taxes. In particular, if we want or expect justice to prevail on our behalf.

This book tells a true story of a journey into the terrorists' world. A journey of self-discovery, awareness and a conscious change that we may need to contemplate before we declare a modern day war that ultimately affects all life on earth as we destroy rather than build our world.

With global warming threatening each and every one of us, we urge you to take a pause and read the facts. If you are not pleased with your life or your government’s direction, there is hope. You are not alone. Join us and change the direction we are on as we enter the third millennium with the Third World Warriors.

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