The Waterhole: The Water Sprites Learn a Lesson

The Waterhole: The Water Sprites Learn a Lesson


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The Waterhole is a magical and mystical place. A map shows the waterhole and where all the different characters live … four boy water sprites, Crac the Troll, Uhmm the Goblin, the Watcher, the hunter elf; Miss Sherry, the sprites’ teacher; and a wacky wannabee witch called the Traitor.

Join the adventures of these mischievous water sprites and learn a lesson with them when they go on their first hunting adventure to the wildflower fields. The wildflowers turn the water sprites blue, green, red, and yellow, and the wacky wannabee witch tries to capture them!

What will the water sprites do next?

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Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 175 x 230 mm Portrait
Pages: 68 pgs
Other: Book 1 in The Waterhole series

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