The Warrior’s Guide to Gentleman’s Etiquette

The Warrior’s Guide to Gentleman’s Etiquette


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The Warrior’s Guide to Gentleman’s Etiquette is a comprehensive compendium on conduct befitting a Warrior Gentleman in the 21st century.

It’s a must-read book for all men, providing an insight for those who are curious about and aspire to the lifestyle, value systems, and self-mastery that goes towards creating the rare but ever-so-dynamic man thought of today as a warrior and gentleman.

Candidly illustrated with true life stories of those who have journeyed along the path of self-discovery, strength, and development, The Warrior’s Guide to Gentleman’s Etiquette is filled with practical knowledge and personal exercises that empower you to cultivate the qualities and refinement of character attributed to a Warrior Gentleman.

Conduct befitting such men is discussed in these three main areas:

• Women and the Warrior Gentleman
• Importance of self-development
• Self-defence for the Warrior Gentleman

This book is wonderfully crafted by self-defence instructor, philosopher, warrior, and gentleman’s etiquette advocate Mr Cooper Ali-Shabazz, and is the first of two books in the The Warrior Series. The second, Warrior Mysticism: The Acquisition of Power, looks deeper into the soul and examines how to develop the mind to acquire uncommon abilities.

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