The Virtuous Woman
The Virtuous Woman

The Virtuous Woman


Anna Maria Lang

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How would you like to be a good wife and mother who is kind and giving to humanity? What if you could be the type of woman who is good to yourself and others? As a virtuous woman you are destined to be with your soul mate who is your husband and live a great life of joy and bliss. Inside this book you will find passages to inspire you to be the giving and loving woman that God created you to be.

Whether you are already married to your husband or preparing yourself for him, you are destined to love one another in the most magnificent and powerful way. With this book you will learn to be the amazing virtuous woman you are and be able to ensure you are loving toward your husband, child or children and people of the world. You are worthy of their love and all they can provide.

Reach your hand out to the needy when you know you must while opening this book to a passage and message God wants for you. Discover how to love more, embrace your destiny and be the extraordinary woman you innately are. Your destiny awaits you.


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