The Simple Truth About You

The Simple Truth About You



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There is indeed more to you than meets the eye. There is a greater truth about you, so simple that it goes unnoticed, even though it is right before you, in every moment, just waiting for your attention to be known. It is a truth that transcends all worldly experiences and firmly held beliefs about who and what you are and brings an end to the uncertainty of the question ‘who am I?’.

This simple truth became known to me when, one day, without any conscious effort, I experienced myself as simply ‘awareness’. As the perception of my body disappeared before me, I found myself beyond the idea of the world and of time and space. And then, in a dawning moment of understanding, the knowledge of the universe became simply apparent as I recognised the truth about myself as being one with all of creation.

This out-of-body experience would become the first of many such encounters, each one revealing the illusory nature of perception and all that it beheld and all that I looked upon and believed to be true. In an effort to reconcile these revelations in terms of my perception of a physical reality, I started to bring all of my firmly held beliefs to question and reason. As I did so, I began to understand life from a different perspective. I began to see more clearly, this simple truth that was always before me, just waiting to be recognised.

This is a simple book of logic and reason through which I will attempt to translate my experiences for you, in a practical manner, so that you may come to see the obvious for yourself and experience the simple truth about you.