The Siege of Masada

The Siege of Masada


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An ancient fortress ...

A desperate last stand ...

Trapped in a time she doesn't belong ...

Will Gwyn change the course of history just to survive?

On holiday from university with her family in Israel, Gwyn stumbles across a strange device while exploring the ruins of Masada. She is unwittingly thrown back two thousand years in time to the bloody siege between the Roman invaders and fiercely nationalistic Jewish defenders. Blending in is her only option to stay alive; but can she escape before the siege comes to a head?

Meanwhile, Michelle is the Time Space Agent from the year 2623 AD trying to escape her enemies and recover her lost time machine, all while inadvertently stumbling on a dangerous political plot.

The clock is ticking as Gwyn and Michelle's timelines hurtle towards each other in this historical adventure based on the real events of Roman conquest in Ancient Judea. The actions of these two time travellers, born centuries apart, will impact not just each other's survival, but the fates of past and future worlds alike.

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