The Martial Art of Sales
The Martial Art of Sales

The Martial Art of Sales


James Eden

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It can be difficult to see the winning tactics of the competition.

It’s much harder to see the strategy that created the win.

The Martial Art of Sales delivers an arsenal of sales tools to out-manoeuvre the competition in a competitive marketplace.

Apply the Martial Art of Sales business strategies to your on-line business and out-think competitors around the globe.

Analyze your customer base and your competitors to target your markets with pinpoint accuracy.

The marketing strategies outlined in the Martial Art of Sales can be your lethal weapon when planning your next hard-hitting campaign.

Train and position your sales team and their activities to maximize gain and minimize risks.

You hold in your hands the ability to strategize your team to grow and prosper in the local and global marketplace.

Sun Tzu, the Martial Art of Sales is your best weapon in the battle for commercial and financial success.

You will learn to compete with strength and honour, to sidestep your competitors, and to render them useless.

Are you ready to commence your training in the Martial Art of Sales?


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