The First Boomerang

The First Boomerang


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The story of "The First Boomerang" was told to Raymond by an old Bunda man who was bending a boomerang in the fire to make it fly.

Raymond (Willy) Broome was born in Bundaberg in 1944. His tribal name is "Gullarah" which means "Storm Cloud".
His mother, Elsie Broome (nee Possum) was the daughter of James Possum often referred to as "Little Jimmy Possum" who was the sole survivor of a massacre at Butchers Creek, North Queensland in the late 1800s. After the massacre, he was found by a trooper in a hollow tree trunk- he was about three years old at the time. James was later brought to Rosedale to be raised by a European family. He married Tabina Simms, a Badtjala, Kabi Kabi, Aboriginal woman from Urangan in Hervey Bay, Queensland. Raymond's father, Stephen Broome was the son of John Broome who was the last of the traditional Aboriginal man to be initiated at Mon Repos in Bundaberg. Raymond is a Taribelang Bunda Elder from Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia which includes Bundaberg; Rosedale; Walla and surrounds from Baffle Creek and to the west to Mount Perry region and south to the Burrum River and east to the Great Sandy Stretch. There are massacre sites within the boundaries of the Taribelang Country including the one at Cedars and Paddys Island. The Taribelang Bunda Aboriginal people are a traditional Aboriginal weaponry making tribe from Bundaberg. The weaponry-making trade was taught to members of the Broome Family down through the generations 'with John Broome maintaining the lore and culture through his son, Stephen Broome, who passed it on to Raymond Broome (grandson) and his brothers. Raymond learnt how to make boomerangs; shields; nulla nullas; woomeras;
spears; clubs and other weapons for hunting; gathering and warfare.