The Best Me
The Best Me

The Best Me


Tahlia J. Whittaker

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“Why don’t I know what I want to be?

How come everyone knows, except me?”


Through my varied experiences in working with children, I’ve noticed that as kids, and even as adults, we can feel worthless without a vision for our future careers. I wrote ‘The Best Me’ to suggest that if children are focused on things like being kind, selfless and putting in their best effort, perhaps they might discover a life more fulfilling than what any dream job could offer them.

Tahlia J. Whittaker is passionate about all things children and the arts. Having graduated from a Bachelor of Visual Arts (2018), Tahlia has furthered her study with a Master of Primary Teaching. After receiving her qualifications in Brisbane, Tahlia hopes to work as a primary school teacher in rural Queensland, Australia and teach kids from all walks of life. ‘The Best Me’ is Tahlia J. Whittaker’s first children’s book.


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