The Angel Army
The Angel Army

The Angel Army


Anna Maria Lang

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Do you believe in Angels? What if you knew you were never alone because they are guiding you in a way that is beautiful and profound, with God’s help? In this book you will discover what the Angels do for humanity. This revelation came about as a result of the author having a near death experience and divine intervention, coming back to share the message of love and peace and the Angels.

Inside this book you will come to understand all the ways in which the Angels guide you, look over you and ensure you are safe and protected in the world. You are worthy and deserving of God’s love and guidance which He shares through the work of The Angel Army. Your Angels will help you on your path as your destiny unfolds in the most profound and magnificent way.

Open this book to a page God has chosen for you and read a passage to provide you insights into how the Angels are working for the greater good, for you and for all of humanity. God and the Angels love you and are looking out for your best interests. Allow them to guide you toward the things you truly deserve in life and to whisper to you their divine messages in alignment with God. Your destiny awaits you.

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