"Seaward", South Esplanade, Bribie Island
"Seaward", South Esplanade, Bribie Island

"Seaward", South Esplanade, Bribie Island


Dr James G. Lergessner

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Over the years many visitors to Bribie have been taken with the enchanting spirit of the place. This book chronicles the lives of a family - the Lergessners - who spent all of their holidays on Bribie Island from the early 1940s, with their dogs Kurt and Hepsibar. It encompasses most of their waking hours and their numerous experiences while either vacationing or living there.

But please do not be fooled. The saga of "Seaward", South Esplanade, Bribie Island, is not just simply a family history. In fact, it only uses its family members' distinct and exceptional 'voices' to tell Bribie's own story.

In particular, it traces three generations of the family's unique connection with Bribie after World War I; during World War II; to the heady post-war expansion, development, and suburban sprawl. In so doing, "Seaward" sets out the unique development of the island's 'seaside culture. More importantly, it also sensitively trolls through the Lergessner children's period of 'unbridled' growing up, highlighting, or sometimes touching upon, memorable island interludes on their rich island paradise.

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