Reaching For The Heights

Reaching For The Heights


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Reaching for the Heights is a true story of a Christian mum who travelled alongside her son in his life’s journey as he searched for God and found him in Bolivia. It is a story of how God has led on paths through valleys which one would not have voluntarily chosen to go through. At times, the going seemed too hard, but God showed that he was right there, tenderly leading through an incredible odyssey here on earth. Evidenced in this journey is that when God’s promises in his Word are claimed—whether it is for salvation of a family member, peace of mind, courage, or provision of daily needs—it is a voluntary commitment to his divine will and programming. Assuredly, God’s promises are backed by his wisdom, love, and power.

Catharina has the good writer’s skill that makes the story fl ow and keeps you thirstily reading. Her record of the immigrants’ stories will touch the hearts of many of us in this country, for who among us has not descended from newcomers to these Down-Under shores?
But I believe it is the innermost story in the book; that of the heart, the personal journey each of us takes...that will plumb our emotions at depth …. Th e perceptive reader will recognise the analogy of the spiritual pilgrimage we all travel. I expect it is this inner story that will summon us and dare us to quicken our search and deepen engagement in eternal matters. I envisage some determining their ultimate destination after reading this story! And I heartily endorse the writer’s affi rmation of the goodness and faithfulness of our God.
Effie Munday …Pastor’s Widow and Published Author of 6 Christian books.