Rasasaarah: Secret Book of Spiritual Medical Alchemy

Rasasaarah: Secret Book of Spiritual Medical Alchemy


Dr Prabhat Ranjan Mahapatra

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Rasasaarah: Secret Book of Spiritual Medical Alchemy in Ayurveda for Extraordinary Abilities, Health and Longevity

This wonderful book gives humanity a chance to appreciate true human potential through alchemy. Detailed explanation of ingredients and processes make it possible for the scientific and medical community of today to channel resources and dedication to evaluate these and open new avenues for treatment of illnesses and magnify human prowess. Transmutation of base metals to gold; elevation of basic human body to a divine one free from disease, old age and decay; and preparation of the “Elixir of Life” as well as “The Touch Stone”, are some attractions of this book. The sublime mixture of spirituality and science gives us a chance to achieve the impossible. Made in the image of God, why has man accepted a life full of limitations! As scientists prove to us, laws of nature change for a person who has enough diligence to understand and harness the science behind them. Isn’t it high time we look at all possible ways to combat the horrible ailments that afflict human kind? Isn’t it time to expand our awareness of what wonderful possibilities spiritual alchemy offers?

Authentic answers to this quest was in possession of Masters of ancient India, who closely guarded it as secret. Visitors from the west like Sir John Woodroff and Paul Brunton, apart from numerous others, have described their incredible experiences in the sub-continent. A reading into the subject matter of this book may appear mysterious and daunting, but not withstanding such sentiments it is necessary to understand that such a science did exist in the glorious period of human achievement in this field. It is unfathomable why such Masters of alchemy have removed themselves from our view, but this beautiful book is a detailed explanation of the highest of such alchemy. It is a culmination of forty years of experience in Ayurveda and three years spent in deciphering the complex contents of the authentic book on spiritual alchemy “Rasasaarah”. It is a must read for the curious, intellectuals and medical scientists of today.

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