Oh! For a Calmer Karma

Oh! For a Calmer Karma


Arthur Wright

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Life's journey is a road with its ups and down and changing surfaces.

We never know what lies around the bend. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid some indefinable object that is travelling in the opposite direction. Sometimes the object is stationary and it is you that is the problem, but other times the instigator of the problem is another problem made of flesh and bones who is just as prone to making errors as yourself. And that's a problem!

But the journey also has its times of tranquillity when life is a placid lake of still blue water, like the Blue Lake at Mt Gambia. Frequently that lake becomes an ocean with frothing waves dissipating their futile anger against an unmoveable shore.

What makes our life unmoveable is Faith and Faith is based on Hope which is turn must have a basis. The Christian Hope is based on the premise that the Bible is True; that Jesus did die and rise again; that He is always present and that He will come again – soon!

When writing this book it made me realise how often His invisible voice said: “Thus far and no further!” I didn't hear the voice but I sure benefited from the intervention! SO I have Hope! – and Faith that soon I shall see that One who stilled the waves, healed the dying and raised the dead. And I know He will raise me too – to the glory of God.

This is the first part of my journey of mainly downs until the age of twenty-one years.

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