Objective: Crimson Empire

Objective: Crimson Empire


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KC Riley-Gyer's The Unnaturals of Brisbane Series

An evening at a night club goes horribly wrong for Enola. From a prank by her work mates, to being kidnapped by the sexy man she had noticed earlier that evening. To top it off, he turns out to be a vampire. Soon it becomes clear he is being hunted as he keeps her with him. By who? She doesn’t know. What does he want with her? Will he hill her, or will she give in to his charms as the chase throughout Brisbane continues?

Looking like the ‘girl next door’, Sonja works as a PA in an advertising company. Until her second job demands her attention. Then she is anything but. Accepting a job with next to no details, her reconnaissance finds her embroiled in vampire politics when her Mark turns up at the same venue as the Prince of the City. It turns out he too is a vampire. Is he a good guy or not? She doesn’t know. Assigned to kill a major player, Sonja must decide between carrying out her assignment or following her heart. Not just because she is attracted to her mark, but for humanity’s sake.Enola and Sonja are from different sides of life, but their paths cross when each of them meet the men of their dreams in two separate events. Or are the events separate?

The only hitch is a situation that could lead to a battle of control over the capital city of Queensland. Have the two women chosen the right side? Only time will tell.