Nice One Centurion

Nice One Centurion


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Nice One Centurion tells the individual personal, funny stories of men who have served in the RAF & RAF Regiment. All the stories that have been compiled date from the very beginning of the formation of the RAF Regiment up to present-day operations.

The reader of this book will be amused and highly entertained at some of the antics that occurred not only in war, but in peacetime as well. The fabulous illustrations by Tim Parker highlight what this book is all about: making a difference with humour.

Nice One Centurion was born out of an idea to help fellow servicemen who suffer with PTSD. A percentage of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the RAF Benevolent Fund, Help 4 Heroes, and the RAF Regiment Museum.

Nice One Centurion contains Tim Parker's unique hand drawn illustrations, as well as a collection of photos from author Stephen Headey and fellow contributors.

More in the series: Nice One Centurion (Volume 1), Are You Tittering Centurion? (Volume 2)

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