My Constant and Me
My Constant and Me

My Constant and Me


Barry Morris

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Every child needs a Constant. Someone in their life who is consistent, reliable, and attuned to their needs. But having a Constant does not make life easy. This story explores the role of The Constant, a friendly and helpful companion who helps a child confront and overcome fear, self-doubt, sadness, and a sense of failure and weakness. The Constant is big and strong, kind and caring. The Constant allows the child to explore the world, and provides support when it is needed. Through the combined experience of facing difficulties and being cared for, the child develops confidence and courage, and prepares to explore beyond the world she knows…

For children: This story normalises experiences of fear and doubt, as well as connecting with a child’s inner struggle as they look for a sense of belonging, connection, and positive identity. It explores their experience of facing challenges and difficulties, and using their internal and external resources as they build resilience.

For parents and carers: This story playfully explores the comings and goings of parental support, the concept of holding a child in mind, being aware of their struggles, and taking action to support them when necessary. It highlights that developing resilience is a marathon, and that a long-term, consistent presence enables the key caregiver to step back at some point, towards healthy launching.

For therapists/professionals: This story can be used to encourage long-term consistency in a parent-child relationship, explore themes including anxiety and loneliness, as well as the role of a key caregiver in supporting the development of resilience and a sense of belonging, connection, and positive identity in a child.


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