Mums in the Mix; Keep It Simple

Mums in the Mix; Keep It Simple


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“Are you a busy Mum looking for inspiration in the kitchen?

Do you want recipes that are quick, easy, budget-friendly, healthy and delicious?

I’m Vanessa Gibson, wife, mum, radio personality and lover of cooking!

This is my Keep it simple collection, for Mums who want to tick all the boxes and get back to basics”

Some of my earliest memories revolve around the family kitchen. My mum grew up in the country, and she was always a country cook at heart. She taught my sisters and me how to cook from a very young age, and we were always mixing up biscuits, trying out new recipes, helping to cook dinner, and generally learning kitchen skills. Our special meals were always home-cooked and we grew up making most things from scratch. I couldn’t believe that I had friends who had no idea how to cook; for us, it was a part of daily life.

This was something I took into adulthood and I loved experimenting with recipes, putting my own twist on things, and always thinking up new ideas. When I became a mum, things changed. I still loved to cook, but by the time I had two kids under two, my criteria changed. I needed to make meals that were quick (often made with a child in one arm), easy, healthy (I was pretty keen to get the kids loving vegetables from a young age), tasted good (there’s no food critic quite like a 2-year-old!) and of course, friendly on the budget – after all, it’s not easy living off one income.

I loved to bake for our mums’ group meet-ups, Mainly Music, playgroup, and other activities. The Mums in the Mix blog began simply out of friends asking me for recipes, and so I could easily access all my favourite recipes myself! I’ve had many friends suggest I should think about putting them in a book, and I’m so excited to finally be here doing just that. I don’t pretend to be an expert, or the best home cook – and my own kids turn up their noses at some of my creations. But I am a busy mum, who sometimes comes up with some recipes that my family loves, and I want to share them with you. Enjoy!

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