I "DO"

I "DO"


Lidia Kardos

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In her first book, Train to Australia, Lidia recounts her experiences growing up in Australia, after escaping war-torn Italy in the early 1950s. I Do, the long-awaited second book, continues her life’s journey. Now, older and wiser, Lidia wants to share her life-changing experiences with you.

Emerging from a monumental depression, Lidia finds herself alone and on the wrong side of fifty.

Bewildered and lost in a changing world of hype, and surrounded by the self-gratifying media, a galloping and ever-expanding array of confusing technologies, and economies troubled by poor leadership, Lidia sees a new world. A world too focused on the transient models of the ME and NOW society.

She draws strength from her past. A past that went far back to the basics of life in a new country, a new society, a new Australia. She reshapes her life with the help of the written words of other strong women from the past.

Lidia’s passion and integrity earns the respect of a peace-loving man and together they set out to shape a future steeped in the knowledge that each one of us can make a difference.

Loyal and committed individuals can make a difference if they are able to distinguish between the interests of Australia collectively, and the self-interest and lies of the major political parties.

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