Genesis Unzipped

Genesis Unzipped



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Why can neither science nor religion alone explain Earth’s beginnings?

How is it that man came to be the ruling species on our planet?

If we can’t explain some of humanity’s past, what do we know of our future?

Genesis Unzipped asks big questions about the origins of humanity and the universe, and gives answers based on years of author Lucio Licciardello’s personal research. By mixing modern science and the author’s own theories with existing theories about the Book of Genesis; ancient aliens; and Babylonian and Sumerian texts, a retelling of Earth’s history emerges. By looking in new ways at our past, we can look in new ways at what our future might be.

Genesis Unzipped will take you back and forth through time and space, capturing all the glory of the gods of ancient cultures, to the surreal nature of Planet X, to re-imaginings of some of the Bible’s most famous legends. A fast-paced blend of speculation and science, Genesis Unzipped will have you re-thinking your perspective on humanity’s history, and its future.

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