Forever Noah's

Forever Noah's


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The Western Australian Series.
Eternally Mia’s (Book 1), Forever Noah’s (Book 2), and Always Noah’s (Book 3).

The trauma from her past still plagues Mia. Memories that she's been trying to bury deep, resurface and she needs to deal with them. Easier said than done, when you have constant reminders.

Noah and Mia continue to push forward to find their happy ever after, despite their setbacks. Noah comes to realise that the most important things in his life are right in front of him as he reassesses his career and his life.

Despite their problems, happiness surrounds them after the birth, and Mia and Noah are overwhelmed with the responsibility of parenthood whilst dealing with life changing decisions.

When danger rears its ugly head again they continue to fight for their future and their loved ones, whilst dealing with their past, hoping that their love’s strong enough to get them through the rough times.

Sometimes love is not enough.

Sometimes you both need to be fighting the same demons.

This book contains sexual content and is only suitable for 18 years.

It ends on a cliff-hanger but is continued in Always Noah's, Book 3 in the Western Australian Series