Entrée, Main and Deceit

Entrée, Main and Deceit


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Sasskia thought she had everything, successful restaurants two beautiful children and a husband who loved her. Or did he? What had he been hiding after all these years?

Annika had been orphaned and fostered from family to family. Strangely the person who hurt her most was the person who eventually set her free.

Audrey thought she would grow up, get married have a family and make her parents proud. When her younger sister did it all and still she had nothing, she fled the country in search of a life that would make everyone proud.

When they saw the space they knew it would be perfect for their new restaurant. The restaurant that was going to make all their dreams come true. After so much loss and sadness they were determined to start again, to finally move ahead and put the past behind them.

But things were about to change. The restaurant and the hopes and dreams it held was never going to be the same again.