Darwin in the Wet

Darwin in the Wet


Sue Moffitt

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Join Sue Moffitt on a journey through Darwin in the Wet. Get a sense of the power and fury of tropical storms, smell the pungent smell of soaking grass and giggle at the cacophony of croaking frogs. Discover the best places to watch the lightning, where to find local haunts or the best coffee.

Darwin in the Wet is a travelogue and guide book featuring the wet season. The book captures the magic of the Wet with beautiful photographs to enhance journeys and experiences in and around Darwin as well as Litchfield, Kakadu and Katherine.

It’s summer time in Darwin with hot, sunny weather, exciting electrical storms and torrential, cooling rain. The rain is spasmodic, days go by with no rain at all but suddenly down it comes. The landscape is transformed to a vibrant, lush green. Waterfalls overflow and gush through the gorges to explode in the waterholes, tens and sometimes hundreds of meters down the escarpment. Wetlands become seas of water.

Darwin in the Wet shows you how to love the wet season with the best places for storm watching, dawn walks, where to swim and helpful tips on how to beat the heat. Plus the book includes my favourite places to shop and eat.

In addition Darwin offers WWII history, Aboriginal culture and art work, sunset cruises and wildlife adventures. These attractions, together with shopping boutiques and cafes are linked into sightseeing drives and walks through the City. Plus there are out of town journeys which include special wet season tours that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Cruise through paperbark forests, jet boat up the gorges or helicopter over the amazing waterfalls. Detailed itineraries, maps and logistics make it easy to get around and off-peak rates make it more affordable.

About the Author:

Sue has lived in Darwin since 2009, is a member of the NT Writers Centre and Darwin Authors Group and writes for Explore Australia updating their guide books. In 2012 Sue was one of the writers in residence at the Territory Wildlife Park, co-publishinq a book called Wild Words. Prior to 2009 Sue, and her husband Ken, toured Australia for 5 years, ending up in Darwin to experience the tropical summer. Sue fell under the spell of Darwin and the wet season, citing it extremely friendly, with exciting storms, lush scenery and with loads to see and do. In her book, she has captured the magic of the Wet, sharing her journeys and experiences in lyrical prose and beautiful photographs.

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