Danella PI - The case of Charlie and Mr Crab

Danella PI - The case of Charlie and Mr Crab


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Danny and Bella were destined to be best friends. Danny’s brother, Jack, had been friends with Bella’s Auntie Ellie forever. Even before Danny and Bella were born, Jack and Ellie were part of their lives.

Jack was Danny’s hero. He was much older and, although they were brothers, they had different fathers. Jack’s dad had died a real hero in a war fighting to defend people’s freedom. Danny’s dad had met their mum much later and his mum and dad fell in love and were soon married. Jack loved Danny’s dad just like he was his own dad. Danny’s family was great.

So when Ellie and Jack had retired from EJ Junior Detective Agency, it was only natural that Danny and Bella would take over. It was a big responsibility. Jack and Ellie had solved some real and very difficult cases. Danny wanted to be just as brave and smart in solving his cases.

And so, Danella PI Junior Detective Agency was born.

Their first case involved meeting Charlie the pony and Charlie’s friend Mr Crab. That led to an exciting adventure where they were able to capture burglars who had baffled police for a long time.