Karen Lang

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Karen and Michael had a good life, with two beautiful children. They tried to create a world that was safe and happy. But in June 2001, nine-year-old Nathan—their only son—was hit by a car.

Rushed to hospital with catastrophic injuries, Nathan was in a dire situation; one that quickly evolved into his parents’ worst fear. When the doctors asked Karen and Michael to turn off their son’s life support and consider donating his organs, their lives changed forever.

How could they leave the hospital without Nathan? It did not seem possible. It did not seem fair. But the journey began.

“If only I had known what was to come, I would have clung to each and every moment I had with him.”

Karen shares her journey through grief, one step at a time. Her tragic but uplifting story connects readers to her feelings of loss, and it helps them to understand that they are not alone.
Courage gives insight into the wisdom Karen Lang has learned and the practices she embraces to open each door and to see a way through.


'Through her journey, Karen makes it seem just a little more possible that we can take the next breath; that we can wake up the next morning; that we can live through this agonising and cruel life process.'
Gabrielle Quilliam, Co-founder of Hummingbird House (Queensland's only children's hospice)


Courage is an inspirational story of a mother's journey from utter despair and hopelessness to strength and rebirth.'

Tilly Brasch, Author of No Middle Name (Glass House Books)