Clothed with Strength and Dignity
Clothed with Strength and Dignity

Clothed with Strength and Dignity


Anna Maria Lang

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Do you wish you could attract your soul mate? Are you wanting to find the one that God wants for you and to find your happily ever after? Do you find you dream of the day you meet and don’t quite know how to attract him into your life?

The pages inside this book will help you pray for him in a way that makes you think more positively and enables you to know that he is a great man. Open up to a passage any time you feel you need to and read a passage to attract your soul mate and pray to God in a way that makes you know that he is coming to you in divine timing very soon.

He may come to you in the most peculiar way but know that God has big plans for you and him. Through reading this book you will realise you can be a virtuous woman who is clothed with strength and dignity. You will be inspired to be who you truly are as a woman of God and view your soul mate through the eyes of true love and in a way that inspires him to be a better man for God and for you. Your destiny awaits you.

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Format: Paperback
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