Children of Eden

Children of Eden


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“Were not these exotic creatures simply convenient dehumanised receptacles available at a modest price to render instant sexual gratification? Enthusiastic. Uninhibited. And above all, anonymous, disappearing into the shadows of the sultry night after the act.”

As a medical student in London in the 70s, Harry Lester was a frequent and prolific donor to several of the unregulated private infertility clinics, which treated infertile couples desperately yearning for a child of their own. Over twenty years later, his wanderlust lifestyle finds him working as a ship’s doctor, enjoying a carefree and self-indulgent lifestyle on a luxury cruise liner.

A twenty-something young man, smart and self-possessed, Jason Brown—an intensely wanted child by his mother, a patient of one of the many infertility clinics in London—feels hurt and lost after discovering the truth of his ‘real father’, a sperm donor. His obsession to find this totally anonymous figure takes him on an unrelenting global quest, travelling far and wide to discover the truth of his complete genetic origin.

A bright, young and beautiful newly qualified nurse, who has endless career possibilities ahead of her, puts her future on hold in order to take a job as a nurse on a luxury liner which is on a world cruise. After she has joined the ship in Singapore, she is swept of her feet in a whirlwind romance, blinded to the consequences that may unfold soon enough in her life.

A heart rending drama unfolds and gains unstoppable momentum as the main characters cross paths at sea. The final outcomes may shock.

Those involved in the unregulated infertility business of the 70s—donors, patients and offspring alike—may need to re-evaluate the consequences of the part they played after reading this story.

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