Changes in Life

Changes in Life


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KC Riley-Gyer's The Unnaturals of Brisbane Series

Sarah's Story

Part 1 - Changes in Degrees

Part 2 - Changes in Life

Part 3 - Changes in Choices - The Conclusion

As if struggling with coming to terms of becoming a were-jaguar wasn’t enough, Sarah has suddenly become a hot commodity when she gets more than she bargains for from a number of suitors…Including Toby? While the one she wants, wants nothing to do with her since he’s hightailed it to other parts of the country a few hours after she became one of the monsters he enjoys hunting for a living.

Whether it is the head jaguar, the vampire Prince of the City or one of the were-leopards, Sarah has to keep her wits about her as she becomes sucked into the world of were-creatures and vampires and their politics. All she wants, other than her hunter, is a quiet life.

Then there was the issue of the ‘promise’.