Changes in Choices

Changes in Choices


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KC Riley-Gyer's The Unnaturals of Brisbane Series

Sarah's Story

Part 1 - Changes in Degrees

Part 2 - Changes in Life

Part 3 - Changes in Choices - The Conclusion

Believing he doesn’t want her because she’s a monster after he walks away from her yet again, Sarah decides to stop acting foolishly oer him and tries to forget him. However, since surviving the accident that claimed her husband, it seems like death is still trying to claim her.

Sarah now has to deal with being dragged deeper into the world of the local Unnaturals and their politics. To top it all off. The leader of the Jaguars still won’t take no for an answer. Then, in waltzes her main love once more.

Between her health declining, the Prince of the City being difficult and a battle of epic death and destruction never seen on Australian soil before; will death final claim her or will Sarah triumph over her choices and changes life has thrown at her?